Alabama Voter Ballot

When Alabama voters go to the polls on September 9th, they get a ballot asking them to vote "yes" or "no" on establishing a fund to improve education and fund other programs.

The ballot language doesn't say "raising taxes" and opponents of the tax proposal are pointing that out.

Christian Coalition President John Giles says the language is so confusing he is sending out e-mails and faxes to coalition members to make sure they understand that a "yes" vote is to raise $1.2 billion in taxes and a "no" vote would be against passage of the tax increase.

The ballot language proposes a constitutional amendment "establishing the Alabama Excellence Initiative Fund" which would be used to fund college scholarships and other programs.

The language says the amendment would adjust income and property taxes but does not say those taxes and others will be higher for many Alabama residents.

David Azbell, press secretary to Governor Riley, says he doesn't think any voters will be confused when they get to the polling place.

Azbell says opponents of the measure are using a diversionary tactic to take attention away from the accountability measure.