Geneva County Man Charged in Toddler's Death

Steven Preachers

A baby girl was allegedly killed by her mother's boyfriend. It happened at the suspect's family home, just outside of Samson.

A number of police officers say it's one of the worst crimes they have ever investigated.

Thirty-one-year-old Steven Preachers of Geneva County is charged with first-degree capital murder.

It happened last Thursday.

Allegedly, Preachers picked-up the baby by her legs. Police say he then slammed her, head first, against a bedroom dresser.

She was taken off life support Thursday at Children's Hospital in Birmingham.

Preachers' charge of capital murder is a crime that could carry the death penalty if he is convicted.

Geneva County Sheriff Greg Ward says it is a particularly tough case for he and his investigators to deal with.

Preachers is awaiting his first court appearance. He is being held in an isolation cell at the Geneva County Jail.