County Jail Backlog Eliminated

Alabama Governor Bob Riley says that for the past few months, officials with the Department of Corrections have worked diligently to eliminate the backlog, which was at 800 inmates in January.

The department also reconfigured several existing prisons to make room for more inmates, and moved hundreds of prisoners over to a private prison in Louisiana.

Officials in Houston County say they are relieved about the news, especially considering the fact that the Houston County Jail is already overcrowded.

"The Houston County Jail is overcrowded, but this overcrowding is not the result of an over abundance of state prisoners. We cannot tell how many state prisoners the jail would have if the situation had not been solved by the State Prison Commission," said Commander Don F. McMullan of the Houston County Sheriff's Office.

The Houston County Jail is built to hold 385 inmates, but there are currently 400 prisoners at the jail.