Enterprise Sees Student Increase

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Enterprise City School Superintendent, Dr. Jim Reese, says the enrollment is up more than 130 students when compared to this time last year.

It's being treated as "great news". School officials say it shows parents are putting confidence in Enterprise City and it also means more dollars from the State Department of Education.

Holly Hill Elementary School is up some 47-students from this time last year.

It shows the greatest increase of the 10 schools, which make up the Enterprise City District.

Superintendent Dr. Reese says nearly all the schools have shown a marked enrollment increase and that's all good.

"With this larger enrollment [it] means that we should receive additional state education dollars that we did not anticipate, but we are now entitled to receive during the upcoming fiscal year," said Dr. Reese.

Holly Hill is located within close proximity of several new housing subdivisions, with next year's opening of a child development center for pre-K and kindergarten students.

"We have 85 kindergarten students and hope we can move them to the new childhood center when it opens next year," said Principal Anthony Stewart of Holly Hill Elementary.

By approving the Capital Outlay Plan by the school board, it means Dauphin Junior High School will have six new classrooms built.

"Once again this is the best possible problem we can have. We want as many students as possible and [to] have the best facility as possible for them," said Principal Dr. Aaron Milner of Dauphin Junior High School.

Besides new classrooms at Dauphin and Coppinville Junior High Schools, the Capital Outlay Plan includes several other major renovations taking place at Enterprise City.

For the first time, the student enrollment within the Enterprise City School District has now exceeded 5,900.

All indications are that the number will continue to rise as the city sees unprecedented growth.