Dothan Drive-By Suspect Arrested

Last week, Dothan police issued a warrant for Kali Gumbu Shabazz Jackson in connection with the fatal drive-by shooting. Police say the man responsible has been captured.

Thirty-nine-year-old Enterprise resident Norris Mullins was gunned down during a drive-by shooting, in the 500 block of Chickasaw Street while talking with friends.

Dothan police joined forces with the United States Marshall to find Kali Jackson.

They believed he was the triggerman.

Jackson had skipped town and gone to Dekalb County, Georgia.

He was holed up in a motel. Tuesday night United State Marshals found him.

“They just tracked him down to the motel room, knocked on the door he had false identification they confirmed it was him and they took him into custody,” said Lt. Larry Draughn of Dothan Police Dept.

Details leading up to Jackson’s arrest are not yet being released, but police are confident they have their man.

"He's facing capital murder right now and that's the ultimate chard, I don't think there will be any further charge," said Lt. Draughn.

Jackson sits in the Dekalb County Jail and awaits extradition back to Dothan.

Police tell News 4, even though Jackson cooperated during the arrest, he's being uncooperative now.

He may not come back to Dothan for another six weeks.

Dothan police say they are still searching for the driver of the car. They've been questioning witnesses and believe they may be close to finding him.