Samson Cattle Rancher Among Castaways on CBS' Next Editon of Survivor

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It's a far cry from the cattle ranches of Samson Alabama for J.T., one of 16 contestants on CBS' Survivor.

He says, I've always been interested in Survivor since I was like 15 or 16 when it started, I don't know, 17 maybe, um, I love the outdoors, I love a challenge, I love the competition and I love meeting new people so you know it's everything I really like being outdoors and a million dollars is always a big plus too."

Thomas was cast for the show back in June and got the chance to let his friends and family know the news January 14th.

But, there was one point where he almost turned around.

J.T. says, "I actually thought about leaving when I got there, because seeing so many people, I was like why would they pick me out of all these people, but I'm already here, I've already filled out the application, let’s just do it and get it over with."

Many of you who have watched the show know contestants are put through strenuous challenges.

From eating wildlife to the next thing crawling, life on the island is tough.

But it's also hard for their loved ones waiting until 7 p.m. every Thursday to see their loved ones.

Adrianna Ruiz , his sister, cries, "I miss him."

Marie Ruiz, his Mom, says, "I know he can do it.”

So, what would Thomas do with $1 million?

J.T. says, "I would probably immediately set up some college funds for my nieces and my one nephew that I do have and uh, you know, pay off my student loans right off the bat and go from there."

"Would you quit your job?"

“No, I definitely would not quit my job. Whether I had $1 million or not, I love what I do.”

This season’s cast mates are divided into two tribes, the Jalapoa and the Toecancheens.

Tomorrow we'll here from the other Alabama cast mate from Auburn.
You can tune into the first episode of Survivor on February 12th at 7 p.m., here on News 4.

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