Possible Investigation of Dothan Police Chief Halted

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A possible investigation into Dothan Police Chief, John Powell, has hit a roadblock.

The International Brotherhood of Police officers union in Dothan, met held a meeting Tuesday night, to discuss a letter that was sent to Attorney General Troy King’s office, requesting the investigation.

News 4 has confirmed that the attorney general’s office did receive a letter drafted by the law offices of banks-t-smith, which it says was given to them by the I.B.P.O.

Inside this letter, the union asks attorney general king to conduct an independent investigation into actions by police Chief Powell.

The allegations in that letter are still unclear at this moment.

What is clear however is that the majority of the union membership never knew of this letters existence, and that many of those union members were pretty upset after finding out that the letter had been written.

Governor Jackson of the Dothan Police Department says, "I was kind of embarrassed about it because John Powell is a very good friend of mine at this particular moment. And I was embarrassed that someone thought of appointing themselves to send a letter about an investigation. So my purpose in this is to get this straight and find out what's the purpose behind this."

Chief Powell tonight and he told me that he was made aware of this letters existence, but that without knowing its contents, he could not comment on any kind of allegation.

For now union members say they will table the letter and give every member a chance to review it, before deciding if they will rescind it or not.

Union members say they will hold a meeting on September 11th, to vote on whether to follow through with the letter.