Fireworks Explosion

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That explosion that killed four and injured two others happened Wednesday afternoon when some of the fireworks on a tractor-trailer at Bonita Springs were being loaded onto another truck to be taken to Naples for a Fourth of July display.

Bonita Springs City Manager Gary Price says the blast happened as workers were transferring part of the load.

Price says one man with serious injuries was taken to the trauma unit of the Lee Memorial Hospital and a woman suffering slight injuries was taken to Lee Memorial's HealthPark campus.

The explosion was at Carl Johnson Park on Lover's Key on the north end of Bonita Beach.

The fireworks were from Sunset Fireworks' of Dittmer, Missouri.

The company was sued in February by two workers who were injured
in explosions that killed two others at a suburban St. Louis fireworks plant in November 1999.

Price said the company had orchestrated the city's fireworks display last year and shot off the fireworks from a barge. He says the city spent $20,000 for a planned 30-minute show this year.