Pryor Appointment to Appeals Court

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It could be a stormy confirmation process for Alabama Attorney General Bill Pryor's nomination to an Atlanta federal appeals court. Opposition groups promise a fierce fight when hearings begin this morning before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

It's widely assumed Pryor will be approved for the 11th Circuit by the judiciary panel, where Republicans have a one-seat majority.

Groups opposed to Pryor held a Washington news conference yesterday hoping to convince Democrats to filibuster the nomination should he survive a committee vote.

People for the American Way released a 43-page report blasting Pryor's position on abortion, gay rights, civil rights and federalism.

Hillary Shelton, director of the Washington Bureau of the NAACP compared Pryor's take on states' rights to former Alabama Gov. George Wallace's schoolhouse standoff 40 years ago.

Pryor was first appointed as Alabama's attorney general in January 1997 when Jeff Sessions, his predecessor, was elected to the Senate.

The 11th Circuit is one step below the Supreme Court, handling federal appeals in Alabama, Florida and Georgia.

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