I-10 Connector Fees

At issue is, who authorized a Florida based consulting firm to charge for additional work on the Interstate 10 Connector project.

But, an investigation requested by Dothan City Manager Dennis Rubin may help clear up matters.

City officials now admit that they and URS are both to blame for creating all the confusion.

The City of Dothan was billed an extra $30,000 by URS Corporation. This was for work advising the city of where to place the I-10 Connector routes in the future.

On Monday, WTVY received a copy of an audit performed by the city's internal analyst reporting that "the city did not act on correspondence received from URS regarding the request for the additional work."

The report also states that Bill Heiman of URS, who worked with the city on the project was quote, "not forthcoming with the information necessary for the commission to make an informed decision regarding the true nature of the request for additional services."

The city says while it did make mistakes, the entire $80,000 bill must be paid to avoid expensive litigation.

The report does recommend that the city pay URS the remaining $30,000 for services rendered.