Two Dothan Police Officers Are Demoted

Two police department employees have been demoted. Those officers are Keith Reed and Ray Wiehe. The actions are the result of two separate incidents.

Reed is being demoted for conduct unbecoming of a Dothan police officer.

Dothan Police Chief John Powell says he has had problems in the past and has been reprimanded before.

He also says because this incident is not his first offense, he felt it necessary to demote him from sergeant to corporal.

Wiehe is being demoted from lieutenant to sergeant for allegedly taking a gun from the evidence room and not following the proper procedure.

The chief says Wiehe came to him and told him he took the rifle and intended to use it for hunting and admitted he erased the rifle from the evidence log.

Chief Powell says that before he took office in March of 2005, many police procedures were not followed as they should have been.

“It was acceptable back then, but we had to make changes to our policies and we are trying to prevent this from happening again,” said Chief Powell.

The police department is now rewriting many policies.

Chief Powell says the new procedures will follow the guidelines set forth by the commission of accreditation for law enforcement agencies.