Kids Reunited

The parents of two South Florida toddlers who were kidnapped from their grandmother's home are expected to appear in court Wednesday morning.

The kids were snatched from their grandmother's house early Monday morning by their biological mother and father.

They were found safe Monday night in Bonifay, Florida.

The grandmother, who has full custody of the children, has mixed feelings about the rescue.

But just looking at the toddlers, Lorena and Moses Montano, you wouldn't be able to tell they were abducted from their house in the middle of the night, taken more than 200 miles from their home, and then rescued by police 18-hours later.

The children's biological parents, Nora and Jose Montano, reportedly smashed a car into the grandmother's house Monday night and went after the kids.

The police were called and they began a nationwide search including an Amber Alert.

The suspects allegedly drove to Bonifay and used a credit card to pay for a room at the Tivoli Inn.

According to the grandmother, the mother of the children has a bipolar disorder.

The parents are charged with kidnapping and robbery home invasion.