Geneva Woman Shoots Intruder

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Police are looking for a man reportedly shot by a one-armed, 75-year-old Geneva County woman during a burglary attempt.

At around 11:00PM Wednesday night, Catherine Tate says her burglar alarm indicated someone trying to get inside her bait shop.

The business is next to her home.

Tate says she found a man trying to get inside and refused to stop.

She says her business has been broken into several times in the past.

"When I heard the office alarm I came and grabbed my flashlight and gun. Then I came and saw him by the door. I shot him with this, a 38-caliber gun. I hit him. Yeah, I know I hit him," said Tate.

The suspect is described as only a small framed black male around 150-pounds.

Authorities are checking area emergency rooms to see if anyone matching that description comes in with a bullet wound.