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Vulcan arrived home over the weekend, one piece at a time.

The statue of the Roman god, a long-time fixture atop Birmingham's Red Mountain, had been at the Robinson Iron Corporation in Alexander City undergoing repairs since October 1999.

Workers will begin assembling Vulcan's legs Monday. The anvil, torso, hammer, arms and head also will be put together this week.

Austin Robinson, project manager of Robinson Iron, said the important part is lining the legs with the bolts in the base.

After the legs and lower posterior are installed, Robison said Vulcan will be put together from the bottom up. The process of putting the iron statue together is expected to take about five days, then another week of finishing touches.

Vulcan also has a new hatch, workers will be able to enter the side of Vulcan's posterior and exit through the top of his head if repairs are needed.

Where concrete once filled his chest, a skeleton of steel will provide more stability. The new skeleton will anchor Vulcan in place, protecting him from powerful winds.

Another change is Vulcan's color, from rusty red to steely gray.

The 56-foot-tall statue was made for the 1904 World's Fair as a symbol of Birmingham's steel industry.