Belvin Trial Deadlocked

A ten-day delay in a sexual sodomy trial has resulted in a hopelessly deadlocked jury in Enterprise.

Ervin Belvin is accused of tying-up an 11-year-old boy in March, 2004 and forcing the youngster to engage in sexual activity with an adult female.

Initially the jury heard the case on August 14th, but did not initially reach a verdict.

Circuit Judge Robert Barr had the jury to reassemble Wednesday.

After two-hours of deliberations Wednesday morning, the 12-member panel stated it was deadlocked and Judge Barr then declared a mistrial.

Belvin says he's being targeted. "I’m not guilty,” he says. “They shouldn't be messing with me. I’m not guilty and I know God is going to take care of it."

District Attorney Officials say Belvin will be retried on the sodomy charge in December.