Dothan Smoking Ordinance

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A survey was conducted and shows 8 of 10 residents want a stricter smoking ordinance.

Findings by the Mellman Group show that 79 percent of Dothan’s residents would want a public smoking ban, while 18 percent would strongly oppose one.

The Dothan Smoke Free Air Act would prohibit smoking in enclosed public places.

Smoking would only be allowed 25 feet in front of a business.

“We really want the public to know about this ordinance. It's a 100 percent tobacco-free ordinance and it protects our children in a lot of areas the current Dothan ordinance doesn't. It is very weak,” said Linda Anderson of Dothan-Houston County Substance Abuse.

City commissioners will revisit the issue before they put it on their agenda.

If approved, a series of public hearings will be conducted.