Dothan Police: Shooting Suspect Arrested

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Dothan police say they believe they have the man responsible for assaulting his girlfriend with a gun.

Authorities arrested 26-year old Marcus Young and charged him with attempted murder, after police say he fired a gun at his girlfriend.

The incident happened earlier this month at the hobo pantry gas station on the 600 block of North Oates Street.

Investigators say young and his girlfriend had been drinking on the night of august first, when drove up to the store at around 1:30 a-m and began arguing.

Authorities say young eventually started firing a gun at his girlfriend, after she stormed out of the car they were in.

Young's girlfriend was able to get away. When the young woman told police who her attacker was, they quickly discovered that young had a criminal record.

Lt. Tony Martin of the Dothan Police Department says, "When we got him identified as the shooter at the Hobo Pantry, we checked him out and found out that he was on probation in Pike County. We contacted his probation officer, and found out he was in violation of his probation, and they were waiting for him to come in, so we placed a hold on him when he went and met with his probation officer.”

Fortunately no one was hurt during the melee.

Young is currently being held at the Houston County jail on a $100,000 bond.

Authorities say if convicted, young could face a sentence of ten years to life, along with up to 20-thousand dollars in fines.