Florida Medical Malpractice

In special session next week, the Florida legislature is expected to discuss a crisis in the health field.

Due to the skyrocketing costs in medical malpractice insurance, a growing number of doctors are practicing without it.

This week a Bonifay physician discussed the matter directly with Gov. Jeb Bush.

After serving as a military physician, Dr. Lisa Bailey opened her Bonifay practice 10 years ago. During that time, her malpractice insurance went from $5,000 to $85,000. Dr. Bailey says she can no longer afford it. She along with hundreds of other Florida doctors are going without insurance.

Besides her family practice, Dr. Bailey is the only physician in Holmes County practicing obstetrics. Many of her patients simply don't have transportation to travel for healthcare.

In her meeting with Governor Bush, Dr. Bailey says he is acutely aware of the crisis. He's supporting a bill, which would limit the amount of punitive damages in malpractice cases.

Besides limiting punitive damages, the health care bill would also lower the percentage trial lawyers receive in a settlement. Instead, the additional money goes to the client.