Northwest Community Hospital

At a public forum Thursday night, residents in Chipley expressed their confusion about why the county is willing to sale their hospital for one dollar when they could get millions.

Residents came with one clear message, they don't want their hospital sold to Sacred Heart.

They voiced their concern about the county's proposed deal to sell Northwest Community Hospital.

Some residents question the county's refusal to consider other bidders who are interested in buying the hospital.

Sacred Heart Hospital currently manages Northwest Community.

Under a proposal deal, Sacred Heart would pay only one dollar and receive more than $3.2 million in renovation money from the county.

But another company, Resurgence Health Group is willing to pay Washington County $2 million for the hospital and foot the bill for renovations.

Another issue raising questions is how Sacred Heart's management has put Northwest Community Hospital more than $2 million in the red after being contracted out by the city.

None of the county commissioners who voted for the sale to Sacred Heart attended last night's forum. Nor was a representative from Sacred Heart available for comment.