Sowell Runs for Probate Judge

Former Dothan Mayor, Chester Sowell, is now officially running for the office of Houston County Probate Judge.

Sowell is running against Incumbent Luke Cooley, who has served as Houston County’s probate judge for several years.

Sowell served two-terms as mayor, but was ousted last year when he lost his seat to former District 5 Commissioner, Pat Thomas.

If elected, Sowell says his first order of business will be improving the way county residents get their tags.

"Sometimes, when you walk up to the front of the line, you don't have the necessary equipment, so you've wasted an hour or two of your time. What I'm going to make sure is that everybody knows the necessary information when they get to the tag line."

Sowell also says, if elected, he plans to extend the county's tag office hours.