Do Not Call List Update

The National Do Not Call Registry will open for business, giving Alabama consumers a choice about whether to receive telemarketing calls at home.

Alabama will adopt the National Do Not Call Registry in place of its existing state "do not call list" and share the numbers on its state list with the national registry.

Alabama consumers who already signed up for the state list do not need to re-register to have the protections of both federal and state law.

Consumers who want to place their home or mobile phone numbers on the national registry can do so online. Beginning July 7, 2003, Alabama consumers will be able to register by phone.

Federal enforcement of the National Do Not Call Registry begins Oct. 1, 2003. Consumers who register after Sept. 1, 2003 will notice a drop in telemarketing calls within three months of the date they register

President Bush says it will help Americans stop telephone sales calls that are annoying, obtrusive, and all too common.

National Do Not Call Registry Web site