Misty Court House Fire

Police in Dothan say the home of a jailed arson suspect has been intentionally set on fire for the second time in a month and this time the place burned to the ground.

It was the sixth time this year that Dothan firefighters have responded to suspicious fires near the intersection of Crawford Street and Misty Court.

46-year-old David Wayne Chancey is still in jail. He was arrested last month after the house next door to his was destroyed by fire.

It was the third time that residence caught fire and Chancey was booked after investigators found smoke bombs, text books on incendiary devices and pictures of fires in his house.

Another house acros the street was damaged by fire in January.

The house Chancey had been renting was gutted by fire not long after his arrest.

A passerby spotted another fire in the house around 2:30 Thursday morning and this time firefighters tried only to contain it and keep it from spreading to other areas.

Dothan police say the investigation has been turned over to the state fire marshal's office to avoid any conflict of interest.