Florida Jail Riot

Prison officials at the Washington Corrections Institution put the facility on lockdown after two inmates attacked five prison guards. It's now off lockdown.

Officials say the two inmates responsible for the disruption have only been at the center for a couple of weeks. Both have a history of violence at other facilities.

Twenty-five-year-old Darrell Jenkins and 31-year-old Tracy Wright are accused of taking baseball bats and horseshoes and beating the officers.

Jenkins is serving a life sentence for murder and Wright is in for various offenses including kidnapping and burglary.

It happened Wednesday night, while 500 inmates were in the recreation area.

Officials say Wright and Jenkins began hitting two guards. Three guards came to help and they were hit too. The five guards were taken to the hospital.

Four were released and one is in intensive care with head trauma.

Officials say the inmates planned the attack so they could move to a South Florida facility.

The two inmates have been transferred to Florida State Prison in Starke near Gainsville. They could face attempted murder charges.