Baxley Calls for Raising Minimum Wage in Alabama

Lucy Baxley
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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Lieutenant Governor Lucy Baxley revved
up her campaign for governor today with a call to raise the minimum
wage in Alabama by at least one-dollar an hour.

She said workers making the current federal minimum wage of five
dollars, 15 cents an hour have to spend one day's pay to buy a tank
of gas.

Baxley unveiled her proposal at a Montgomery news conference.
She also plans to make stops in Birmingham and Huntsville today to
announce the top nine priorities of her campaign.

While the federal minimum wage is five-15 an hour, 18 states and
the District of Columbia have a higher minimum, with the highest
being seven dollars, 63 cents an hour in Washington state.

Baxley, who has been criticized in the past for not providing
enough details about what she would do as governor, outlined an
ambitious plan. They include returning the state to property tax
reappraisals every four years, creating a Cabinet-level inspector
general to find waste in state government, and developing a small
business insurance pool to help small business owners provide
health insurance for their employees.

Baxley, a Democrat, faces Republican Governor Bob Riley in the
November seventh general election.

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