West Alabama Judge Held on Meth Charge in Mississippi

COLUMBUS, Miss. (AP) - A west Alabama judge is in jail today on charges of possessing methamphetamine in the same east Mississippi
town where his wife was arrested earlier this year on similar charges.

58-year-old Ira Colvin, a district judge from Pickens County, was arrested yesterday afternoon by police investigating suspects who were believed to be traveling store-to-store purchasing ingredients for the drug.

Sheriff's Officer Ivan Bryan alleges deputies found substances for methamphetamine in Colvin's vehicle along with about a gram of powdered meth and a small amount of the drug in liquefied form like it was ready to be injected.

Colvin, a Carrollton resident, was arrested four months after his wife, Christy Dawn Wheat Colvin, was charged with possession of methamphetamine in Columbus, Mississippi. Police followed her as she drove around town allegedly trying to buy the ingredients for methamphetamine.

Officials said charges against Mrs. Colvin are still pending. She remains freed on bond.

Columbus, Mississippi, is located about five miles from the Alabama line.

Colvin was appointed district judge in December 2002.

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