Rain and Farm Crops: Too Little Too Late

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Despite some recent rain and what appears to be a pretty decent crop, farmers say Houston County's cotton crop is a disaster. If the inconsistent rain patterns continue, the peanut crop won't be too far behind.

Last year, the USDA released reports stating nationwide 23 million bales of cotton would be produced. But just last week, those same figures were released and they show only 18 million bales will be sold this year.

Looking at the crop you'd think it was fine. It’s not dry and brittle like most crops these days. Actually, it’s a nice green. But the yield and quality of the cotton crop prove otherwise.

The cost of gas and fertilizer has driven up the cost of production and in the end farmers say they are making little to nothing.

Insurance does pay a percentage of what cotton's three year average profit is for farmers. But farmers say there isn't much profit.