Dothan Gas Prices Lower Than National Average

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Nationwide gas prices have hit yet another record. The good news is Dothan prices are lower than the national and state averages.

Oil distributors say freight prices may be the reason for the lower prices.

Sherri Donehoo is on her way to the beach for a well deserved vacation from the Atlanta area.

Travelling south, she has seen prices of gasoline drop well below 2 dollars from 3 dollars and five cents in the peach state.

“We check for prices and these are good savings from where we are,” said Donehoo.

Greg Johnson is one of the many gasoline distributors who were caught off guard by Hurricane Katrina. Since then he's been working overtime just to find a good supply.

Gasoline prices since then have hovered around 3 dollars a gallon.

Now the nationwide gasoline prices have risen just over one cent in the last three weeks. Sending the Alabama statewide average for regular at $2.90, but Dothan is cheaper than that.

The cheapest gasoline in Dothan is at Sam’s Club where regular is 2.82 a gallon.

Dothan is considered rural which means cheaper prices as opposed to cities like Montgomery who pays higher prices for a different grade of gasoline.

Dothan freight prices are cheaper because we're closer to a pick-up point. That means cheaper prices at the pump

The lowest you'll pay in the state is $2.74 a gallon at some stations in Decatur. The highest can be found at $3.09 in Auburn.