Troy Health and Rehab Center "Adopt-a-Resident" Program

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A local health and rehabilitation center needs your help in caring for its residents. News 4 has a look at how giving a little can mean a lot.

Julia Meeker says she gets lonely. Her family lives in Arizona and most of the contact she gets is over the phone.

"We need attention. And there are times that I would love to have them here, and I don't have anybody. I don't have anybody here," said Meeker.

Meeker lives at the Troy Heath and Rehabilitation Center; she gets adequate attention from the staff but she say's there's more she would like to have.

That's one reason Troy Health and Rehab has created the "adopt-a-resident" program.

Center officials say they have 25 people living there in need of visitors. They say some, like Meeker, have family living in other states while others have no family at all.

“I think it's important because sometimes the elderly come to the nursing home and they thing the world has forgotten them,” said activity director Jeanette Dawkins. “This will re-enforce that the world has not forgot them, that the community knows they're here."

Organizers say they're no limiting to individual adopting, they say groups are also welcome to adopt-a-resident

Group activities can also include throwing parties for everyone living at the center not just the adopted resident.

Officials say the program isn't new to the center; they usually have something similar around Christmas. This is the first time Troy Health and Rehab will keep it year-round.

For more information you can contact the Troy Health and Rehab at 566-0880.