Joining Forces to Protect Chattahoochee River

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Dothan is doing its part to protect one of its biggest sources of water, the Chattahoochee River.

The city is joining forces with about 25 other cities to form a coalition to protect the rivers resources.

The Chattahoochee River is considered to be one of our regions greatest natural resources.

Dothan’s water supervisor Billy Mayes says, "By combining a large group of people that have access to the middle Chattahoochee, it gives us a stronger voice in how the river is utilized."

In recent months, several parts of The Wiregrass have taken steps to conserve water in case of a supply shortage.

Officials say the Chattahoochee River could provide immediate relief in case there was a shortage, and that's why it needs to be protected.

"They're reviewing different things on how the core operates. That all users get to have benefit of the river," said Mayes.

Dothan’s mayor Pat Thomas says, "It is a potential water supply for us, so we have to be very interested in the Chattahoochee River."

The cost of joining the coalition was 15-hundred dollars, but officials say that's a small price to make a big difference.

Dothan joined the year-old coalition two months ago, and Mr. Mayes says the group is focusing more on studying the rivers resources, than pushing for new policy.