Holloman Trial


A former postal worker charged with capital murder was found guilty Tuesday.

The sentencing phase begins Wednesday, and jurors will be asked to recommend life without parole or the death penalty.

Defense attorneys claim James Holloman has a history of mental problems.

Prosecutors called him a “cold blooded killer” who knew what he was doing.

James Holloman is accused of slipping into a home in Rehobeth and killing his father-in-law, wounding his mother-in-law and another man, and kidnapping his estranged wife at gunpoint. That was in May of 2000.

The woman was later released unharmed when Holloman contacted authorities and surrendered. Defense attorneys contend Holloman has a history of mental problems and "snapped" when he realized his wife was having an affair with another man.

But, District Attorney Doug Valeska told jurors Holloman had a history of domestic violence and the crime was premeditated.

The jury deliberated about an hour and a half before finding Holloman guilty on all counts.