No Security Delays at Dothan Regional Airport

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So far there haven't been any security related delays at Dothan Regional Airport. However, security will also be heightened, and how long those measures will be in place just depends.

“Do you have any gels, liquids, aerosols in your carry on?”

That is a question that passengers have gotten used to hearing as they check in at the Dothan Regional Airport.

“It's just another day. It's terrorism; you can't let it put fear in you,” said Evan Nosler from Portland, Oregon.

So as Dothan resident Lester Lee sent his family off to Tacoma, Washington by way of Atlanta, he felt pretty confident they'd be okay.

"I think it’s necessary and mandatory, and I think all the precautionary measures are good," said Lee

So far, delays aren't expected, but the only delays you might experience is if you bring any liquid items on your person before you get on a plane

Ask Bonnie Jones. She just arrived back from Atlanta's airport.

“It was a mess and people stood in line 40 to 45 minutes just go through security, and if you had any liquids they would stop you, then look through your luggage,” said Jones.

And if you have anything liquid you must to drink it up or check it in with your luggage, which for most people isn't an option.

“I was very much surprised because I didn't see it on the news or heard anything about it, so I was very much surprised. I have to buy everything over,” said Elba Terry of Dothan.

Dothan Regional Airport security has been beefed up and there will be an increased police presence including K-9 dogs sniffing around people’s luggage.

When asked how long the extra security would be in place, airport officials say until TSA says otherwise, and the level orange precautionary measure is lowered.

Analysts say the main impact on airlines will come immediately from the cost of canceled flights and in the longer term from extra expenditure on security.