First Day of Schools with New Changes

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From kindergarten to high school, children were in store for several changes when they walked through the halls on the first day of class.

At Girard Elementary, kindergarten teachers became entertainers Thursday on the first day of school for many five year olds.

They joined in a sing a long to get accustomed.

“There were a few that were upset but I walked by and they were doing okay,” said Principal Glenda Sanders of Girard Elementary School

There are a lot of new students at Girard this year lending to a quiet mood in the hallways.

Fifth graders spent their first day getting their lockers and assigned seats.

“Hardest part is over with have to locate few that didn't show but have a wonderful year,” said Principal Georgia Gary of Dothan High School.

Dothan High School has a new principal Georgia Gray, which means lots of changes.

Each class met in the auditorium on the first day back to hear strict changes like no cell phones during class and the new dress code policy.

“I like the new principal because a principal that has control over her classroom is a good principal,” Sara Broussard of Dothan.

Gray comes from Northview High School as the assistant principal. She will also be focusing on making a better grade for No Child Left Behind.

Both schools considered the first day back to school a success.

Gray says her leadership style at Dothan High School will involve everyone including cafeteria and custodial employees.