Dothan and Houston County’s E-911 Centers Merging

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The 9-1-1 systems for Dothan and Houston County may soon merge. but before that can happen, some steps would have to be taken, like the building of a new call center.

The Houston County Sheriff's Office has a 9-1-1 center as does the Dothan Police Department.

Houston County’s Deputy Sheriff, Don McMullen says, "It's going to be a complicated process but I think it's something we have to work toward."

The proposed merger is being welcomed by city and county emergency officials, as a way to eliminate some of the confusion associated with the current system.

Dothan’s Chief of Police, John Powell says, "There's a donut hole somewhere around the city where there are areas that are surrounded by the city, but it's actually county property. And sometimes there is a delay in providing that service."

"Any time we can merge that system and eliminate territorial rifts and uncertainty's about the response districts, the benefactors are truly our local residents,” says Chief Sam Crawford, of the Dothan Fire Department.

9-1-1 operators agree with emergency officials, and say consolidation is the best way to make 9-1-1 service seamless and most efficient.

Sandi Jarrett, a shift supervisor with the Dothan Police Departments 911 center says, "They would have a better response time as far as getting the calls entered and dispatched, because they would all come into one agency."

A single 9-1-1 center would also have just one budget, which officials say will save "you" money in the long run.

The plan will be presented to city and county officials sometime in the next month.