Malvern Residents Want Established Police Department

Eastern Geneva County has had several break-ins and burglaries over recent weeks. Many residents and business owners are once again calling for a Malvern Police Department to be established.

Malvern has no police department. Over recent years, Malvern has experienced a population increase coming in from nearby Dothan.

Last week, Mill's Produce stand along Highway 52 in Malvern was burglarized. Employees say that's nothing new. It's happened a half-dozen times in the last five-years.

"Somebody broke in just last week. They broke in through the front door. It was real obvious from the street that they were not even scarred," said Tammy Scott of Mill's Produce.

"We need a police department real bad. They go 90-miles-per-hour out on the road there.
I’ve personally seen three traffic wrecks there," said Moody Godwin.

Geneva County Sheriff Greg Ward has only two deputies covering some five-hundred square miles at any given time of the day or night.

He would like to see more law enforcement on the eastern side of the county.

"I would like to see a Malvern Police Department or sheriff's substation there. But, I can't comment on what the town of Malvern can afford to spend," said Sheriff Ward.

In the event of a law enforcement emergency, the Slocomb Police Department will respond. However the chief in Slocomb says he must do that sparingly.

"We have manpower needs and wants just like everyone else. We do what we can with what we have," said Chief David Land of Slocomb.

Several business owners and residents say they will approach the Malvern city council to look at ways to possibly fund a police department