Houston Co. Storm Damage

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Houston County crews were working to clean up debris from Tuesday night's storm. No dollar amount has been attached to the damage, but it could take days to get things back to normal.

Bulldozers and dump trucks cleaned up Susan Cherry's property picking up tree trunks and limbs.

Susan's land was cleared after the storm ripped an old cedar tree and a century old pecan out of the ground.

“All these years pecan tree, cedar tree really depressing to see it all gone...just thankful it didn't do more damage than it did,” said Cherry.

Just down Bethlehem Road, Jack Green and his wife spent the day assessing the damage to their land.

Trees were uprooted and their roof was damaged after shingles were showered across the lawn.

“It sounded like a freight train got our roof, got our lawn, been through two hurricanes and this is the worse I’ve seen,” said Green.

Power went out around 7 o'clock Tuesday night and was not restored until 4 o'clock Wednesday morning.

Power crews are working to restore power knocked out by the storm. It could take days before everything gets back to normal.

With nearly a dozen trees knocked down, it's the worse storm Houston County ever experienced.

Many residents compared the storm to hurricane Opal in 1995. Residents say they thought a tornado came through the area. There are no reports of a twister touching down, just heavy rain and damaging winds.