Houston County Jail Overcrowded

When the Houston County Jail was built in 2002, it was intended to house no more than 383 inmates. However, it's been pushed to the limit.

Some inmates are now sleeping on the floor because inmate population has jumped by nearly 100 just within the past several days.

So jail officials are turning the "multi-purpose" room where church services, meetings and other events are usually held into a men's dormitory.

To help with the problem, authorities are also trying to find ways to decrease the number of offenders going to jail.

"When we're serving warrants and if we find one of the 'no-bonds' that are not violent, we're not going to place them in jail until we have a place for them,” said Sheriff Lamar Glover.

“We discussed that this morning. You put a 'no-bond' over there and it just ransacks the whole place because you can't get 'em out."

Officials say the increasing number of inmates has nothing to do with an increase in crime. Instead, they say it's a local problem that comes from population growth, an overworked court system and more arrests being made.