Remembering a Fallen Soldier

Justin Yoemans of Headland was serving with the Army's First Calvary in Iraq when he was killed by a suicide bomber in November 2004.

The 20-year-old soldier's family wanted to keep Justin's dream of one day opening his own restaurant.

Justin's dad and stepmother recently opened Justin's Diner located near the intersection of Highway 52 and the Opp bypass.

The menu's front cover has a picture of Justin.

Many customers who come in to the restaurant say they want to show their support to the men and women serving in the war zone.

Justin's stepmother Sandra Yoemans said, “I tell everybody about Justin and why we are here. We all need to support our troops that are still there. And we love to see them come in.”

Justin's father, David Yoemans, says he hopes to soon see some of Justin's friends that served with his him in Iraq.

He says they have an open invitation to the diner.