Congress Taxes

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Voting essentially along party lines, the House has sent the Senate a $330 billion package of tax cuts plus $20 billion in state aid.

While it's less than half the economic stimulus package requested by the administration, President Bush praises the compromise legislation.

The House vote was 231-200, with the Senate scheduled to pass the measure in time to go home for the Memorial Day holiday.

Democrats complain the cut, like two previous ones during Bush's tenure, will saddle future generations with debt.

Most workers will see bigger paychecks beginning in July as withholding rates are adjusted to reflect an income tax cut.

And many parents will get an advance refund worth $400 for each child late this summer.

The president originally sought $726 billion in tax cuts, an amount that a majority in the Senate said was too expensive when the government is running a big deficit. The shortfall is expected to be $300 to $400 billion.