Troy Electricity New Peak Record

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Troy utility customers are using electricity now, more than ever. That's making the electricity's peak rise for the city creating an increase in power demand.

Leaders say their utilities rates are locked in for a while. The only thing that could cause an increase is a fuel adjustment, but that's not what this is.

The hot summer months have helped set new records in Troy. Utility customers are using more power than ever totaling to a 33 million kilowatt hour usage last month. The city buys wholesale power from Alabama Power then distributes to its customers.

Because of the higher peak the city now has to buy more wholesale power when purchasing. But Mayor Jimmy Lunsford says that will not be reflected to the customers.

“We know what our rates are going to be for the people till the year 2010. They won't change. Those rates are set,” Lunsford says.

Leaders say the higher peak will have an impact on the city's utility budget. Because of the new peak, the city looks to make less profit than expected. Troy hasn't used so many kilowatts since June 2001 when it used 31 million kilowatts.

"We'll still be in a situation where we won't have any loses. We'll still have some profits. It'll just be a lower net revenue,” Lunsford adds.

Lunsford says the cause of the increase is not only due to the area's average high temps, he says it's also because of the city's growth. He recommends customers to practice saving energy; set the thermostat at a higher, still comfortable degree.

The city averages 28 to 29 million kilowatt hours during both summer and winter months.