Georgia Tax Holiday Gets Under Way

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Georgia shoppers headed to stores Thursday, all to make purchases during the state's tax-free holiday.

Even though children are already back in the classroom, people are still shopping.

Store managers in Blakely, Georgia are stocking the shelves for the tax free holiday through this weekend.

They can't keep enough school supplies on the shelves. People love to shop when it's tax free.

Yolanda Campbell has had a lot of regular customers say they'll be cashing in on the bargains.

So she's expecting a huge crowd.

Susan Weimer's shopping tax free at Family Dollar for her two children and one grandchild.

Even though school started back on June 20 people are still coming to shop.

Hundreds of people were shopping at Peebles grand opening sale in conjunction with the sales tax break.

Elaine Lingo already did most of her shopping before school started. But she is a single parent with two teenagers, so she's still taking advantage of the sales tax break.

Kelly Jackson is looking for new shoes for her three kids.

She held off shopping for them until this tax free holiday. She's not the only one.

Peebles is expecting to bring in more than $100,000 this weekend.

Alabama’s first ever sales tax holiday begins Thursday at Midnight and will last through Midnight Sunday.