Dothan Utility Rebate

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Skyrocketing fuel prices and increasing temperatures has left many around the Wiregrass with outrageous power bills, but those who use City of Dothan Utilities have something to look forward to next month.

Who would have thought that opening a utility bill would be pleasantly surprising? For many in the wiregrass, that may soon be the case.

Most cities in the state purchase power through Alabama Municipal Electric Authority and Dothan is one of AMEA's many members that asked the company to help its customers.

Richard Ash said, "So AMEA voted and went into their rate stabilization fund and gave a large amount of money back to the member cities. Actually, for the City of Dothan, it came out to a little more than 1.3 million dollars."

But it doesn't stop there. City officials are sharing the savings with the users.

Mike West said "We just feel that over the last few months a lot of people have been burdened by the additional fuel adjustments, not only on their electric bill, but at the pumps and other forms of energy, and it's appropriate for us to pass that along to our customers."

The rebate will be given out over two billing cycles. You'll start seeing the rebate on next month's utility bill. It will be itemized as a credit among all the other charges.

The amount of money given back to the customers will be determined by how many kilowatt hours each household uses. City officials have not yet named an exact dollar amount to be given per kilowatt hour. They will be making that decision in the coming weeks.