Houston Co. Student Population

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As more people call Houston County home, several schools in the county are at or over capacity. It is obvious new schools are needed.

Houston County Schools are seeing record numbers of students this year. Rehobeth Middle and Elementary Schools have almost doubled in size in the last five years.

School officials expect the student surge to continue.

"Houston County is experiencing extreme growth in the western parts of counties and we're overcrowded," said Bobby Harrall of Houston Co. Board of Ed.

While most schools in the county are growing, Rehobeth and Wicksburg are seeing the biggest jumps in number of students.

As families move west, school officials see a major overcrowding problem in the next five years if new schools aren't built.

"It has kept me up at night thinking about the new subdivision and its projected numbers in the next 3-5 years is projected to be 750-1000 homes," said Tim Pritchford of Houston Co. Superintendent.

Only one factor is standing in the way of Houston County building new schools, money.

"I know we have a problem but it's hard to build without financial backing and we're looking at 3-5 million," said Harrall.

The Houston County School Board has created a committee to look into overcrowding and come up with a solution.

One of the things that committee will have to decide is whether to build new schools or just add-on to existing ones.

Adding-on to a school can be a quick fix but a new school would offer a more permanent solution.

Houston county schools are holding their open houses next Tuesday August 8 from 3 until 6 p.m.

The meetings give parents and students a chance to pick up schedules, learn about bus routes and meet teachers.