F-CAT Protest

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Thursday is the day for a protest against the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test in the Miami area, and angry demonstrators are already blamed for causing some damage.

It happened Wednesday at Homestead High School, where about 200 people turned unruly. That forced police to step in and restore order, though two vehicles were damaged by protesters. Several students took their protest onto a nearby street.

Nearly 13,000 of Florida's 12th-graders have not yet passed the F-CAT, meaning they won't graduate as scheduled. This is the first year that seniors have been required to pass the F-CAT before graduating.

Some of South Florida's black community leaders and legislators have announced plans for multiple protests, including a "moving protest" today. They plan to make about a 20-mile drive through Miami's streets, ending with a demonstration at Florida International University.

The protest organizers denounce the F-CAT as unfair to minority students. They're calling for boycotts of the Florida Lottery, the state's citrus industry and its major theme parks, among other measures.