Investigation Continues for Nightclub Shooting

Dothan police are still searching for several people believed to be connected to a weekend shooting outside a Dothan nightclub.

One person died and two others were injured as a result of the shooting.

Investigators say it happened after a fight broke out between two groups of people.

Dothan police want to question four people believed to be involved, but need your help finding them.

Authorities believe 20-year-old Solomon Mikail Knight could have fired the fatal shot. They've been searching for him, but have only found items linking him to the scene.

Investigators are also interested in talking to 20-year-old Dametrius Roshaad Roberts, but not as a suspect at this point.

Two other people are also wanted by police, 20-year-old Jonathan Jerome Berry and 20-year old Jimmy Lamar Barry.

Contact the Dothan Police Department with any information at 615-3000 or 793-7000.