Sheriff Glover's Press Conference

Houston County Sheriff Lamar Glover says there will be no arrest in the case of a loaded gun found inside the Houston County Jail.

A loaded four-and-a-half inch barrel Lorcin 9-millimeter pistol was found beneath an inmate's mattress in May. Since then, News 4 has been following the investigation, trying to get to the bottom of how the weapon got inside the jail and who is responsible.

In a press conference Monday, Sheriff Lamar Glover said he has finally read the report after waiting for updated information from Investigator Valenza. He had this comment:

"I don't think if we arrest anyone it would even stand up against a grand jury. It's 'he said, she said' stuff and there's no sufficient evidence."

Sheriff Glover will not release any more information about the case other than to say the incident was not politically motivated.

He also said the gun could have entered the jail with help from an inside source, but would not confirm that as being absolutely true.