Defense in Bike Trail Killing May Turn to Capital Defenders

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DALLAS, Ga. (AP) - A lawyer for a convicted rapist charged with murdering a Sandy Springs woman on the Silver Comet bike trail said today he plans to ask Georgia's capital defenders office to help with the case.

Tom Driggers, chief public defender in Paulding County, also said he expects the case against Michael William Ledford will go before the grand jury in late August.

An initial hearing for Ledford was held today before Chief Magistrate Martin E- Valbuena.

The 43-year-old Ledford wore wrist and ankle restraints and a bulletproof vest as he heard the charges against him in the death of 54-year-old Jennifer Ewing -- felony murder based on kidnapping and making false statements.

District Attorney Drew Lane said other charges are being considered, depending on the ongoing investigation and crime lab tests. He reiterated that he will consider seeking the death penalty -- though he declined to discuss any evidence.