News 4 Exclusive: Houston County Jail Gun Investigation

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Since a loaded gun was found inside a Houston County Jail mattress in early May, News 4 has been asking Sheriff Lamar Glover for updates on the investigation and questions about when charges would be filed.

Bringing a gun into a jail is a felony under Alabama law, but the sheriff said the investigation is not complete.

It’s been two and half months and Sheriff Glover says he still doesn't know how the gun got into his jail, but that's not what we're told by another law enforcement agency.

On May 8 of this year a Houston County Jail inmate complained his mattress was, quote, ''too hard.” Jailers later discovered that hardness was in fact a loaded four-and-a-half-inch barrel Lorcin 9mm pistol.

At the time, Houston County Sheriff Lamar Glover said he thought it was an inside job, and says investigators traced the gun back to Kentucky.

After a trip to that state, investigators say they came back empty handed, so Dothan police investigators were brought in to assist the Sheriff's Department in its probe.

Three weeks ago Dothan investigators turned over their results to Sheriff Glover, but when News 4 caught up with him last week he said hadn't looked at the report.

"I had it, I gave it back to the investigators and it is not complete. I never read it!"

Meanwhile, Dothan police say their investigation is wrapped up with good results.

"I'm being told by the detectives that worked on it, that they feel there's enough information to take to the district attorney's office, and based on their judgment that they think the case can be cleared up, that there can be an arrest made."

But Sheriff Glover told News 4 he still hasn't looked at the results of the Dothan Police Department's investigation.

When asked if there's enough evidence to make an arrest, Sheriff Glover said, “You get someone to go make it, because I don't think so. I don't have any indication that there is. I don't know, it has not been returned to me. Once I sent the thing back up there, back upstairs!”

The sheriff says even though he was given the Police Department's investigation three weeks ago, he didn't look at it, but the Police Department says there's enough to make an arrest

Sheriff Glover added, “I'm not holding up anything, don't know what's in the report, I haven't read it.”

News 4 has filed a freedom of information act request to get the investigative report from the Dothan Police Department. When we have it, we'll let you know what it contains. We'll keep working on this story until we get some answers on how that loaded weapon got inside the jail and who will be held responsible.

Sheriff Glover said as part of their investigation, they questioned all 75 employees at the jail. He says nothing came out of those interviews.