Second Man Charged in a String of Robberies Turns Himself In

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Two suspects are in custody tonight, charged with a crime spree that involved several robberies. It started yesterday when a tip from a Telco Bank employee led Dothan police to investigate a suspicious vehicle.

After a chase, by car and on foot, Davion Rashod Cooper was arrested and charged with three counts of first degree robbery.

Police are now interrogating Joe Ben Conley who turned himself in just a few hours ago. The Dothan Police Department feels confident these two men are responsible for several robberies both in this area and others.

On Thursday Dothan Police arrested Davion Rashod Cooper for Reckless endangerment; now he is charged with three counts of first degree robbery. Police immediately began questioning cooper and feel they have gained valuable information.

Conley turned himself in earlier this afternoon to the Houston County Sheriff's department. The department took him in, but Dothan police say this could make the investigation process more difficult because they are the lead investigators in the case.

The sheriffs department did say they will allow the city police to interrogate Conley in a timely fashion. Police say Cooper has an extensive record including robberies, narcotic charges, theft and several more. Police feel strongly that as the investigation comes to a close many robberies will be solved in Alabama, Florida and Georgia.

After Cooper was arrested, police recovered a motel key in his possession. During a search of the room, officers recovered evidence linking the suspects to the robberies along with drugs. The two occupants in the motel were arrested and face drug charges.