Fish Consumption Advisory

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It's no longer safe to eat fish from one Houston County creek. The Alabama Department of Public Health issued a fish consumption advisory to limit the amount of fish eaten from parts of Cedar Creek.

If you eat fish from Cedar Creek, you should limit it to two per month because of what was found in the water.

Ceder Creek in north Houston County may be a great place for fishing, but state public health officials want you to limit how much largemouth bass you eat from the area because the water is contaminated with high levels of mercury.

"Mercury seems to involve the neurological part of the body. It's especially harmful for pregnant women where the fetus is developing so fast that it seems to affect the neurological development of the baby"

Department leaders think the contamination begins at the old American Steel site. It runs about six miles down to the Omussa Creek.

Mercury occurs naturally and from manmade sources. While a little mercury is ok, too much can be harmful.

Officials recommend limiting largemouth bass consumption from this area to two meals per month. Those meals do not need to be larger than six ounces cooked or eight ounces raw.

"A six ounce portion would basically be the size of a chicken breast or the palm of a man's hand."

Cedar Creek wasn't the only place with a consumption advisory. Nine other places in Alabama also have them because of too much mercury.

On a good note, the public health leaders say water quality in Alabama continues to improve, but if you are eating fish, health officials say it's best to eat the fillet portions where the least amount of contaminants are found.

If you would like more information on the consumptions advisories issued throughout the state, you can see a full list on Alabama's Department of Public Health website: