Dothan Home Invasion Arrest

One person is in custody after an early morning home invasion robbery.

Several suspects broke into 1202 and 1206 Valley Forge Road Friday morning at 2 o'clock. The suspects tied up the residents in 1202 and took cash. The teens in 1206 ran from the residence during the robbery.

Officers spotted a vehicle without headlights and identified the driver, who was arrested.

Daniel Moore was the driver who was arrested for the robbery. There were no injuries reported in either house.

Residents didn't hear what was going on and they say this is normally a quiet neighborhood.

Rick Lewis lives behind one of the two homes that was robbed. He has lived here since 1993 and says he's never had any problems. He was surprised to hear about the robbery.

“Just glad to hear it wasn't my house and hate it happened, hope they can take care of the situation.”

Lewis hopes police find all the suspects so this doesn't happen again. Dothan police are expecting other arrests in connection with the case.